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2022 legislative session

Opportunities to invest in trails The 2022 legislative session may be short, but there are opportunities to bring trails to the forefront. Here are key actions we’re hearing Connect active transportation spines – To ensure that all Washingtonians can get where they need to go, we must invest in active transportation spines and networks. AContinue reading “2022 legislative session”

Dianne Iverson rides an adaptive bike with her husband Paul Dutky, with several ebike riders in the background

Insights into progress, gaps on policy rides

Coalition members and public partners took to the trails during the Leafline Trails Summit to celebrate progress, understand gaps, and identify opportunities for collaboration. Interurban Trail – Algona to Pacific, connecting King and Pierce counties Communities, leaders, and trail managers are working together to improve trail connections between King and Pierce counties. Terry Jungman (Kent)Continue reading “Insights into progress, gaps on policy rides”

A kid holds a Leafline sign on the Interurban Trail in Shoreline, smiling and wearing a bike helmet.

The Value of Trails

How can policymakers, trail managers, community members, and advocates communicate the value of the Leafline Trails network and leverage co-benefits? With insights from leading experts during the Leafline Trails Summit in October 2021—including how trails support mental and physical health, transportation for non-drivers, economic development for thriving local and regional economies, climate mitigation and adaptation,Continue reading “The Value of Trails”

2021 Leafline Trails Summit

Our fall summit is back for 2021! Let’s come together to chart next steps in our collective efforts to realize a vibrant and resilient future for the region through trails. With three virtual sessions and three outdoor events, we’ll celebrate progress, understand key challenges, and deepen our community of business, community, and government leaders. PleaseContinue reading “2021 Leafline Trails Summit”

Be a leader in the movement for trails

We are currently seeking nominations for the Leadership Group, the Coalition’s governing body where volunteer members make decisions, set our strategy, and tackle emerging issues for the Coalition. You’ll find more information about these roles below and in our Charter.

Walkers, families, and cyclist on Sammamish River Trail

Letter to Congressional delegation: Now is the time to prioritize trails

Join Leafline Trails Coalition in asking leaders in Washington, D.C. to prioritize federal funding for trail connections. Active transportation is the cornerstone of an integrated mobility network, and multiple signature projects are ready for investment today in King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. By focusing on connections between communities, underserved communities, and critical trail gaps,Continue reading “Letter to Congressional delegation: Now is the time to prioritize trails”

When we invest in the network, trails will help solve our biggest problems

As our nation grapples with major challenges, policymakers should remember that trails provide cross-cutting solutions. A trail network across central Puget Sound will provide mobility solutions, green transportation options, safe places to walk or roll, and access to the outdoors. With big gaps in access to transportation and green space throughout the region, connecting theContinue reading “When we invest in the network, trails will help solve our biggest problems”

Marsha Cutting on the Sound to Olympics Trail

Make your voice heard during the 2021 Legislative Session

During this first-ever virtual legislative session, you have the opportunity to meet with your state legislators to encourage them to support investments and policies that create accessible, inclusive, and safe trails for people of every age and ability. Specific priorities which will help support our vision of a connected trails network across central Puget Sound, include: protectingContinue reading “Make your voice heard during the 2021 Legislative Session”

About Claire

Claire works to convene and inspire members of the Coalition, communicate the work and value of the Coalition, recruit and engage members, and advance shared priorities. Claire’s non-profit advocacy experience spans active transportation, public lands, and conservation priorities.

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