Letter to Congressional delegation: Now is the time to prioritize trails

Walkers, families, and cyclist on Sammamish River Trail

Join Leafline Trails Coalition in asking leaders in Washington, D.C. to prioritize federal funding for trail connections. Active transportation is the cornerstone of an integrated mobility network, and multiple signature projects are ready for investment today in King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. By focusing on connections between communities, underserved communities, and critical trail gaps, federal infrastructure investments can connect the 450 miles of wide, mostly paved, shared-use trails in our region!

Building east-west and north-south spines is essential to unlock active transportation access through an interconnected network. Now is the time to prioritize trails in transportation authorization, COVID-19 recovery, and member designated projects. To demonstrate the broad community support for trails, we welcome elected leaders, government agencies, community organizations, businesses, and nonprofits to sign a joint letter:

Thank you to Governor Inslee for recognizing in a recent letter to the congressional delegation that, “Significant investment in active transportation is needed to address health, equity, and critical safety concerns when biking or walking…Expanding and connecting trail networks such as The Leafline network in central Puget Sound…would enhance mobility and put people to work quickly across the state.”

For trail managers who want to learn more about earmarks and other federal funding opportunities for trails across central Puget Sound, here are some great resources:

Visualizing a gap in the network on the Green River Trail (image credit: King County Parks)

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