Benefits of Connecting Communities Across Puget Sound

By connecting trails, we’re connecting communities for a better future. Investments in trail connectors and spines will:

  • Build a resilient transportation system by connecting where people live, work, and play–bringing together rural and urban centers and maximizing the environmental benefits of active transportation;
  • Connect underserved communities for better access to opportunity;
  • Improve local economies by attracting and retaining businesses, connecting businesses to communities, and growing the tourism economy that many rural communities rely on; and
  • Improve public health outcomes associated with physical and mental health by improving access to outdoor spaces and active transportation.

More than $1 billion of projects in the Leafline are ready for investment today. Federal funding for trails projects will keep our economy moving by building resilient transportation infrastructure. Connecting dozens of communities, large and small, with a complete a network of walking and biking trails that connect all corners of the four-county Central Puget Sound region will expand access for historically marginalized neighborhoods, improve community health, and encourage safe transportation in the outdoors.

Signature Projects Ready for Investment Today:

  • Centennial Trail
  • East Lake Sammamish Trail
  • Eastrail
  • Foothills Trail
  • Georgetown to South Park Trail
  • Green River North
  • Interurban Trail
  • Lake to Sound
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail
  • Pipeline Trail
  • Seattle Waterfront Trail 
  • Sound to Olympics Trail

Please reach out to Claire Martini ( to learn more about how trails can be part of our regional economic recovery.

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